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Bright and Cozy apartment in Rome

Visiting this apartment in Rome for the first time together with the future owners, despite its poor state, we managed to recognise its hidden potential to become a beautiful and comfortable home. Even though the apartment has not been remodelled for almost fifty years and had a typical mid-century corridor-based layout, its main strong point was impossible to hide: the amount of light flowing in through numerous windows was simply stunning.


Considering the vast amount of windows the new layout was studied around the orientation and sun path. Thus, the living/dining/kitchen space receives direct sunlight all day long while the bedroom is facing south to satisfy the early bird personality type of both owners.


The new layout is a mix of contemporary open space concept and traditional separation between public and private areas. Living room, kitchen and dining are merged into one flowing space to gain more air and spaciousness, while two bedrooms are separated from the rest of the house by an additional distributional space to guarantee more privacy.


Architectural elements form the space of this apartment. Suspended ceilings with built in led lights highlight different functional areas, disguise load bearing beams and provide space for a centralized air-conditioning system. The main shelving of the living space is all part of the same drywall structure of the ceiling. Every room of this apartment features built in custom made furniture which integrates perfectly into the interior while providing vast and most practical storage space.






83 mq

Rome, Italy


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