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Contemporary Eclectic interior in Rome

Eclectic style is all about the coming together of disparate styles to create a cohesive, beautifully harmonious space. Likewise, this apartment combines the sleek contemporary approach of fluid space and clean, simple surfaces with traditional furnishing elements and textures, that results in a contemporary interior with a cozy feel and unique personality.


The focus of this project is on the open plan living space. The entrance, seating, dining and kitchen areas are all united in one vast and luminous space enhancing the contemporary lifestyle, where there is no traditional separation between domestic chores and entertainment. One cooks while chatting with friends seated across the kitchen island or checking on the kid doing homework at the dinner table.


The color palette of this home was inspired by Swiss architecture: it has light beige color acting as a warm and light background tone balanced by the cool grey and contrasting burgundy accents thus creating the same atmosphere of a melancholic and elegant calm that reigns in downtown Zurich during the rainy day. Wooden surfaces integrate the natural texture giving the interior cozy homey feeling. The minimalistic kitchen with a monolith style island fits perfectly into this concept of balance between contemporary and traditional, combining the linear and cold surfaces with the natural warmth of wooden texture.






87 mq

Rome, Italy


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