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Turquoise Charm. Apartment in Moscow

This apartment was designed for a young couple, that wished for an interior that reflected their positive attitude and extrovert nature. The living space needed to be functional and cozy at the same time.


The signature stile of this interior is hardwood flooring extended to the wall and ceiling of the seating area and drywall structure which provides zoning of the open floor plan separating kitchen area, accomodate built in closets and entertainment unit and emphasise the focal point of the space. The turquoise colour accents, integrated following Client's specific request, add a splash of freshness and calm feeling. ​


Complex geometry of the ceiling, combination of natural textures and clean white surfaces, mirrored closet doors – all these elements create dynamic but harmonious space. Abundant use of hardwood create warm and cozy feeling in this contemporary context.






70 mq

Moscow, Russia


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